Emirates Draw Is Halal or Haram

The question of whether the Emirates draw is halal or haram is not an easy one to answer. This is especially true when you take into account that there are many religious scholars who feel that the lottery is an abomination. In fact, Abu Dhabi’s fatwa deems these lotteries to be illegal.

Whether It’s Halal or Haram

  1. One of the most frequent questions I receive is “whether Emirates draw halal or haram”. While it is true that a good portion of the profit earned by lotteries goes toward charities, the jury is still out on whether playing the lottery is a good or bad thing.
  2. Thankfully, the UAE has a relatively fair system to choose from. You can play the jackpot by buying a collectable card or by entering the draw through a website or app. Both options are viable ways to get into the philanthropy game.
  3. The first of its kind in the Persian Gulf, the Emirates Loto is a Sharia compliant lotto with a hefty jackpot. Its ball machine randomly draws six numbers every week and streams the results across multiple digital platforms. With Dh40 million on the line, it’s a lottery worth winning!
  4. Aside from the grand prize, the company also offers millions of dirhams in prize money. These are all part of a larger package of initiatives to combat climate change and other issues impacting the region.

Mahzooz Draws Are a Sharia-Compliant Draw

  1. Mahzooz draws are a popular lottery in the UAE. You can purchase tickets online and get a chance to win millions of dirhams every week. They are also Sharia-compliant. But you need to understand all the rules and regulations before participating.
  2. If you want to buy tickets for Mahzooz, you have to create an account. This account contains your personal information, as well as details for entering and withdrawing prizes. It is important to keep your Mahzooz login information private and secure.
  3. Mahzooz draws are very similar to the Emirates Lotto. The difference is that with the Emirates Loto, the winner is chosen by a random machine. However, with Mahzooz, the prize is given out on a regular basis, and each line of numbers gives you another chance to win.
  4. To win a prize with Mahzooz, you will need to match three numbers to the draw. In the Emirates Loto, the grand prize is awarded to the winners who have matched six numbers.

Abu Dhabi Fatwa Deems Lucky Draws Illegal

  1. Abu Dhabi’s fatwa center has deemed lucky draws and gambling haram in Islam. As a Muslim, you should avoid gambling and lottery tickets in all forms. You should also keep in mind that buying a coupon from a supermarket is also considered a form of gambling. This is especially true for the UAE, where the government is very strict on such activities.
  2. While many Muslims may consider lucky draws to be a way to encourage more people to go to the mosque, according to the official fatwa center, it is not permissible. Gambling is prohibited in Islam, so you can’t even get lucky at the casino or the supermarket. The reason behind the prohibition is that you can’t support your money with the hope of winning. In fact, it would be worse to give money as Sadaqa to someone because you are essentially making that person an object of injustice.
  3. Another reason for the ban is that a large number of Muslims will suffer if they gamble. Whether you’re a casual gambler or a committed one, you will be punished the same way as previous generations.

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